Hi there, My name is Mia J. I am passionate about Global Health Education. I am an Accredited Exercise Scientist and Physioloigst with a Master of International Public Health.


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Mia's Health - Founded in 2009 provides Exercise Physiology Services in Sydney and Professional Development Courses. 

We specialise in providing Clinical and Home Based Exercise Physiology Services for NDIS clients, Mental Health, Women's & Children's Health, Chronic Disease, Special Needs, Injuries, Sports Performance, Preventative Health Programs and Corporate Health Assessments and Presentations.


We support a worldwide collaborative network of healthcare professionals providing educational material for health professionals and their patients to attain the best quality of care.

July 12, 2016

Congratulations You're Pregnant!

 Do you know which exercises are safe for you?

This article is here to help pregnant women with safe exercises for uncomplicated pregnancies.

I went to a lovely GP at 5 weeks gestation with my healthy pregnancy and my GP said "Mia do...

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