Kate Ryan AEP
Australian guidelines recommend a total of 150-300 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise or alternatively 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous intensity exercise per week.
Over the past five months I’ve combined strength and aerobic training to gradually increase my cardiovascular endurance in preparation for next weeks half marathon. Some days I find my motivation lacks, especially with overwhelming amounts of uni work waiting to be completed. At these times I think about why I like to run:
* Aerobic fitness has a direct correlation with decreasing cardiovascular risk factors such as blood pressure, waist circumference and overall heart health of which can lead to a number of chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Stroke or Cardiovascular Disease
* Improved endorphin release and circulation to improve mood
* Increased cerebral blood flow to assist with cognition and brain function, perfect for an afternoon of study.
 I like to remember that something is better than nothing and more is greater than less!