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I came up with the idea to share resources after a GP told me to walk and avoid any exercise during my healthy pregnancy. I listened to my body and followed exercise guidelines that my obstetrician approved and it was more than just walking. 


It is our responsibility to share information to improve and attain the best quality of care for health professionals and their patients.


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Meet Kate Ryan

After graduating from Exercise Physiology from the prestigious University of New South Wales.


Kate is striving to further her knowledge and understanding of the human body through studying her Masters of Physiotherapy at Sydney University.


Kate has played competitive basketball for 10 years, with one of her highest achievements, representing her university at an international level.


Although Kate continues to play, her focus has shifted to long distance running in preparation for the Sydney Morning Herald half marathon.


“To me, education means attaining the power to impact lives in a positive way. I am so excited to use my knowledge at Mia’s health to help improve your quality of life”

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About Me

Hi there, My name is Mia J. I am passionate about Global Health Education. I am an Accredited Exercise Scientist and Physioloigst with a Master of International Public Health.


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