Kate Williamson


Graduating from Exercise Physiology from the prestigious University of New South Wales, Kate pursued a career in Exercise Physiology with the team at Mia's Health, helping those that need us the most.

Kate has a passion for Biology and working within the community to improve Quality of life. Kate has been working on improving and growing her clinical experience. Kate performed a 6 month paid internship at Chris O’Brien lifehouse in which she worked closely with the head exercise physiologist in providing rehabilitation for complex cancer cases.


Following the internship she was lucky enough to join Mias health were she has enjoyed working for a company that not only focuses on making a difference to the physical function of clients but to their emotional and daily wellbeing.


Kate loves the flexibility of mobile health as it allows access to the most special and deserving people.


"The ability to be mobile means that we can do the best work and make a personal impact."

Kate has played competitive Netball for over 17+years. Kate has also participated in a variety of Sports which include, Swimming, basketball, taekwondo, swimming, tap dancing and touch football.  Away from science and sport Kate is an avid painter and loves her dog Riley!


Mia J Kacen

Mia graduated from Sydney University with a Master of International Public Health as well as graduating from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Health and Exercise Science. 

Mia uses physical therapy to help people with cancer, autism and chronic illness to improve their life expectancy, muscular strength and ability to move. 

"We help those that need us the most which means we can Exercise Anytime, Anywhere! In a park, pool, gym, retirement village or in the comfort of your own home."

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About Me

Hi there, My name is Mia J. I am passionate about Global Health Education. I am an Accredited Exercise Scientist and Physioloigst with a Master of International Public Health.


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