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Why did you attend today?

To expand my knowledge base to service new client areas. I knew Mia would put on a good show.

What did you find most useful?

The up to date research and guidelines with practical suggestions.

Tim Douge

AEP - East Brisbane, QLD

What did you find Useful?

The roles of exercise in cancer patients.

Stephen Buchanan

AEP- Rochedale QLD

Amazing course.

Includes all the relevant info.

Great practical components.

Samantha Perri

Physiotherapist, Lalor Park, NSW

Great Workshop. Thanks for taking the iniative to develop a workshop specifically for women's health.

Michelle Morgan

AEP Business Owner - Tamworth, NSW

What did you find Useful?

Guidelines for high risk populations and exercise as well as Practical Skill applications.

Christian Hopper

AEP- Northgate, QLD

Suzie's teaching componnt was amazing to identify areas at which we do not realise we "over cue" to patients all the time and we were provided simple prompting words.

Emily Lord

AEP - Wollongong, NSW

Wonderful day, welcoming, informative and great for women who are studying, or are in practice or are researching. Thank you very much :)

Stephanie Kyrgias

Student - Kingsgrove, NSW

I would be happy to collaborate and contribute to future events.


AEP - Lalor Park, NSW

everyone was so nice and very knowledgable on their topics. It was excellent to end with practical work as we could put what we learnt into hands on experience.

Rachel O'Brien

AEP - Greenfield Park, NSW

Such a great event and so much invaluable information. Thank you Mia for putting your heart and soul into organising everything.

Sarah King

AEP - Darling Point, NSW

What did you find Useful?

Practical Components and how daily clinical treatment fits in to the bigger global scheme.

Kate Davies

AEP- Highgate Hill, QLD

What did you find most useful?

Exercise and Mental Health


Esme Soan

EP - Chermside QLD

What did you find useful?

Gestational Diabetes, Diastasis Recti and Exericse & Mums and bubs Exercises.


Chantal Jephcote

AEP - Upper Duroby, NSW

What did you find Useful?

Exercise considerations for different stages of Post Partum. 

Why did you attend Mia's Health Workshop?

To increase depth of knowledge and improve exercise prescription for women. 

Kristen Cox

AEP- Sheedys Gully, NSW

What did you find Useful?

Practical Skills Development

Hellene Bakker

Dietitian, Lecturer & AEP- Bald Hills, QLD

What did you find Useful?

Guidelines for Safe Exercise during each stage of pregnancy and after birth.

Further Comments?

Suzie has fantastic energy and is very engaging!

Jessie Aspinall

AEP- Chermside West, QLD

What did you find Useful?

The pathophysiology behind Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.

Kristy Milligan

AEP- Newmarket QLD

What did you find Useful?

Exercise Prescriptions and considerations for pregnant ladies.

Tzu - Yuan Chen

AEP- Runcorn, QLD

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